ONE DAY IN PISA (ITALY) | Part 2: The City | 4K UHD | Enjoy the sights and the atmosphere!

After I introduced you to Piazza dei Miracoli in the first part of my two videos about Pisa, the second part takes you into the city itself.

Pisa is mainly known for its Leaning Tower at Piazza dei Miracoli, but the city itself is also very interesting and worth to be visited. There are many other historical buildings, medieval palaces, various bridges over the Arno river and a very relaxing and pleasant atmosphere known from other Tuscan cities.

I hope you enjoy the sights and that you like what you see. And of course I would be happy if you like and comment it, and please feel free to share the link to my video. Thanks a lot in advance.

Music track: „One last time“, composed by Dan Phillipson and licensed by Premiumbeat.
Many thanks to and to Anamaria Marcoci for their wonderful support in Pisa.