FELDBERG MOUNTAIN | Amazing view into the Rhine-Main area (Frankfurt) | 4K UHD | VIEWS FROM ABOVE 2

Welcome to the Großer (big/large) Feldberg mountain, also known as „Feldberg in Taunus“ or regionally only as „Feldberg“). With a height of 880 meters it is the geographical highlight of the Taunus and one of the most striking mountain peaks in Germany. The Kleine (small/little) Feldberg (around 825 meters) is directly within sight, and together the two mountains form the so-called Feldberg massif. In my video you can first enjoy the surroundings of the Großer Feldberg and as a highlight the amazing panoramic view over the Taunus and into the Rhine-Main area with the skyline of Frankfurt.

The Großer Feldberg observation tower, about 40 meters high, is located on the plateau. It was originally built in 1902, but burned down in 1943 and was finally rebuilt by Hessischer Rundfunk in 1949 and equipped with a transmitter. It can be clearly seen in the video.

I hope you enjoy the sights and that you like what you see. And of course I would be happy if you like and comment it, and please feel free to share the link to my video. Thanks a lot in advance.

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