THE BEAUTY OF A RAINY DAY | 4K UHD | Amazing Nature Scenery in Carinthia (Austria) | Enjoy & relax!
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THE BEAUTY OF A RAINY DAY | 4K UHD | Amazing Nature Scenery in Carinthia (Austria) | Enjoy & relax!

Mother nature does not always present herself in her best colours. But whoever thinks that she is showing herself from her dark side should take the plunge and submerge themselves in the fascinating beauty of nature of another sort. Wow!

Since my last rainy visit in Carinthia (Austria) I know: Rain should not stop us from going out into nature and giving free rein to our thirst to adventure. The cloudy sky and the fog coming up between the mountains and trees offer an incredibly calming and magical atmosphere – far away from everyday life.

When the weather is bad, only a few people seem to go on a hiking tour. The landscape was deserted on this day, and the scenery belonged to me alone, which gave me a very special goose bump moment.

Everything looks completely different in rainy weather. The colors, the atmosphere – nature seems to reinvent itself with every raindrop, so that in every forest and on every mountain that you have explored so often, suddenly new impressions and adventures await you.

Join me on my tour and discover the beauty of a rainy day. Enjoy and relax! And of course I would be happy if you like and comment my video, and please feel free to share the link to my video. Thanks a lot in advance.

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