ONE DAY IN LE MONT-SAINT-MICHEL (FRANCE) | 4K UHD | Amazing aerials of a picturesque place!

Mont Saint Michel is one of the most picturesque historical sights to see in France. This remarkable medieval walled city, crowned by its great gothic abbey, is built on a small granite rock. This UNESCO World Cultural Heritage-listed site is hugely popular and it is not difficult so see why: Around the Gothic-style Benedictine abbey is the small city that grew up around it and both are historic gems that have remained unspoiled for century.

With this video, I had the opportunity to focus entirely on editing, video design and the combination of shots and music to create my own personal image of this unique place.

I hope you enjoy the sights and that you like what you see. And of course I would be happy if you like and comment it, and please feel free to share the link to my video. Thanks a lot in advance.