ONE DAY IN ŁÓDŹ (POLAND) | 4K UHD | A pearl of industrial and historical architecture

Łódź, located in the centre of Poland and about 130 km southwest of the capital Warsaw, is not only the third largest city in the country with about 700,000 inhabitants, but also a relevant and interesting place culturally as well as historically, with many different facets. A former capital of the textile industry with many warehouses, Łódź is now a pearl of industrial architecture and the hipster scene. 

Centrally located Piotrkowska Street stretches for about 4.9 km between Freedom Square and Independence Square. This impressive street with beautifully renovated historical buildings is the heart of Lodz, this is where you will find most of the shops, restaurants and social life. Every year in May, the big city festival takes place there. Classical and modern architecture lovers will find at almost every corner some interesting photo motifs and much more.

There is also much to discover in the famous Manufaktura. Once an important and large factory site of the essential textile industry in the former Lodz, actually Manufaktura has been transformed into a modern and diverse shopping centre with many leisure facilities. 

You will also find many beautiful green corners and parks which pleasantly round off the city’s image. 

Seems to me Łódź is still very underrated as many visitors to Poland still don’t choose it as a travel destination. Wrong, in my opinion. I was very pleasantly surprised visiting Łódź and, as always, tried to capture my impressions with my camera.

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