MEXICO CITY FROM ABOVE | 4K UHD | Fascinating day & night sights from a bird’s eye view

Today I invite you to a virtual drone tour of one of the world’s megacities. Cities make up around two percent of the earth’s surface. Almost four billion people live in them – just over half of the world’s population. Mexico City, with its 22 million inhabitants, is the fifth largest city on the planet and impresses with its gigantic dimensions. The city is the political, economic, social and cultural centre as well as the country’s largest transport hub. the city has around 350 city quarters, the colonias, and each of them has its own special characteristics, So it is not easy to get an overview.

Numerous sights from the Aztec and colonial periods characterize the city. These include the floating gardens of the Aztecs, the historic city centre, numerous sacred buildings, museums, historic squares and city parks. I put a few impressions in this video – and of course there is much more to discover, so there is plenty of room for video sequels 😉

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