HONGKONG FROM ABOVE | 4K UHD | Fascinating day & night sights from a bird’s eye view

Cities make up 2% of the earth’s surface. Almost four billion people live in cities, which is over half of the world’s population. Life in the city can be exciting and really good for you: speed instead of boredom, inspiration and impressions at every turn.

And like everything else in life, life in a city has its advantages and disadvantages. I don’t want to list them here, because in the end everyone has to decide for themselves what is best for them. I myself find big cities very fascinating and impressive, but at the same time sometimes a little frightening.

I tried to express this ambivalence, this contrast of feelings, when I was allowed to work on what I think is fantastic drone footage from Hong Kong. And of course there is no complete picture: Hong Kong is so big that a 5-minute video is hardly enough to really show everything. I am also less interested in a complete sightseeing trip than in expressing the feelings I experience in a big city. And I hope that I can convey a good impression and succeed in taking you, as my viewer, on the virtual journey – and let the images take effect.

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