ONE DAY IN WARSAW (POLAND) PART 1 | 4K 60FPS | There is so much to see in this beautiful city!
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ONE DAY IN WARSAW (POLAND) PART 1 | 4K 60FPS | There is so much to see in this beautiful city!

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and, with around 1.8 million inhabitants and an area of 500 square kilometres, the largest and most populous metropolis in the country. The city’s architecture is diverse and offers a lot of variety, from Gothic churches, classicist palaces, a beautiful old town and impressive parks to modern skyscrapers.

The video is a remake of my “One Day in Warsaw 2018” video that I published here on Youtube on 24/08/2018. It was my very first “One Day In” video, and the conditions were less than ideal. When I shot it back then, the weather was bad, I had a little experience only with filming, and I had used such strong colour filters, so the whole thing looks very unnatural to me from today’s perspective. But it was a very good start for me: being creative, combining the recordings with music and creating a video out of it gave me so much fun and joy that I continued to gain more and more experience and knowledge about filming and creating videos. And so a whole “One Day In” video series has been created to date.

I always thought about creating a new “One Day in Warsaw” video when I had gained enough new experience and had developed further. And now it was finally time. I worked on the remake for about 2 years and am very proud to be able to show it to you now. This time there are two parts, because I like the old town of Warsaw so much that I dedicated a separate video to it in the second part.

If you know my videos, you might notice that the music title I used for “One Day in Warsaw, Part 1” is the same as the one I used for “One Day in Frankfurt, Part 1”, just edited a little differently. I want to express that I feel very connected to Warsaw as a Frankfurter, many people live there who are very important to me. And I also want to say “thank you” in my own way. Because my experiences with filming in Warsaw at that time motivated me, as written above, to develop filming and creating videos further, and as a result for example my video “One Day in Frankfurt Part 1” was created, which is my most successful video to date, with around one million viewers. And I think that the music again fits the recordings very well.

You can watch the second part with the wonderful old town here:

I hope you will enjoy watching. I would be happy if you give my video a “like”, leave me a comment and subscribe my channel for further videos. All your feedback helps me a lot, and I can promise you to show all my passion in my upcoming videos as well. Thanks in advance for your support and best regards!

„WHEREVER WE ARE“ by REMEMBER THE FUTURE, licensed by Premiumbeat.

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